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  • Lower your research costs
  • Receive multiple logins
  • Complete access to all the annual reports on Port Alchemy
  • Reports for the last 15 years
  • No broken links
  • Reduce the time associated with gathering information from annual reports
    across your organisation
  • Reports are indexed to offer a text search facility
  • Reports are categorised by year, sector or index
  • Create your own intelligence platform with our notes tool
  • Subscriptions will include all new reports added to PortAlchemy


  • Small Group - £750 (x5 users)
  • Group - £1,200 (x10 users)
  • Company - £2,400 (x25 users)
  • Enterprise - £4,000 (x50 users)

For a larger user base please email

Terms and conditions

  • Offers a single user name and password that must not be shared.
  • Users must sign in each time they wish to access the service.
  • Users can access the service from any computer
  • We will request your choice of usernames after you join