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PDF services for annual reports

Investor friendly PDF standard

PDF services

We provide a range of services concerning PDF standards and annual report content based on our experience of researching 10,000+ annual reports over the last 15 years.

1. Investor Friendly: PDF health check

Our PDF health check is set against 65+ sets of criteria and gives you a detailed picture of what you need to do to improve your PDF. You will know exactly what you needs to be done to reach each part of the standard and how to brief your agency if necessary.

We will check all elements of the standard and give you a detailed check list, with tips on what investors would like to see. You will also receive a uniquely numbered ‘Investor Friendly’ logo.

  • we point out what is wrong and what is right
  • we look at what users had to do to find important information
  • we look at how the PDF is processed by automated data collection algorithms
  • we look at technical issues on a variety of PDF readers eg. fonts, search variations, authoring issues
  • we give you a detailed idea of what is involved in achieving a more usable PDF
  • we provide you with a score based on the Investor Friendly standard
  • we provide you with a uniquely numbered Investor Friendly logo

This service costs £350 and is completed within 2 working days. You do not need to register to use this service.

PDF Health check

2. Investor Friendly: PDF certification

One step further you may wish to take is the ‘Investor Friendly Certified’ standard. Simply provide us with your PDF and it will be independently checked. You will be given a score with a list of things to do, if necessary, to make it 100% compliant. If you decide to make your PDF 100% compliant, we will check it again and update your rating. The first re-check is included within the price.

This service costs £750 and is completed by next working day and includes PDF health check. You do not need to register to use this service.

Certified application

3. Investor Friendly: PDF enhancement

We can also bring the PDF up to standard for you. We are extremely knowledgeable and cost effective with vast experience in annual report PDFs.

We provide a PDF compare document to show you exactly what we have done.

If we update your PDF you are automatically eligable for a certified version of the Investor Friendly symbol.

Investor Friendly: Costs summary

Service Cost
PDF health check £350
includes PDF health check
PDF enhancement
includes PDF health check and certification