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Questions and answers

Investor friendly PDF standard


Q. What problem does this solve for our company?

A. Many companies are unaware of the effects on investors and analysts that a thoughtless PDF has. The standard provides best practice guidelines for companies and agencies in the creation of financial document PDFs. It brings awareness of the pitfalls and issues apparent in many company annual report PDFs. Above all it lets investors know that you, the company, have their best interests at heart and understand their needs.

Q. Do I have to wait for next year's annual report?

A. No. You can apply it retrospectively to your existing reporting PDFs.

Q. Why would I want to improve previous years annual reports?

A. Investors and analysts review many annual reports from different companies. They also review previous years annual reports more often than many realise. Adding functionality and friendliness to existing annual reports, where they don't meet the standard, is something that companies need to review seriously.

Q. How good my current PDF?

A. We perform a PDF health check and brief you on what needs to be done in order to be Investor Friendly. [read more]

Q. Can you update our existing PDF?

A. Yes. We do not touch the actual content and can provide a PDF compare document to show exactly what has been done. [read more]

Q. How does our company apply to use the standard?

A. Simply go to PortAlchemy and fill in the registration form and apply online or use our managed service.

Q. Can we use the standard immediately?

A. Yes as long as the checklist for the publication is completed. The application process produces the finished symbol in a Adobe .psd format and eps formats ready to use on your artwork or website.

Q. How much does it cost to apply the symbol?

A. Registration is free and each document application is £150.

Q. What are your terms?

A. You can pay by PayPal immediately or by BACS or cheque. Terms are 14 days but if you require more time than please contact us

Q. What is certified?

A. We independently certify that the PDF meets the requirements. The service starts with a PDF check and consultation with you about what standard you would like to reach and what it will take to reach that standard. We then check the PDF to make sure it has reached that standard. This service costs £750 for a normal sized annual report (175 pages).

Q. Does certified have to be a 5 star standard?

A. No. All stars show a commitment to the standard and each star is an achievement. Certification means it has been independently verified.

Q. How long does certification take?

A. Normally next working day. Large annual reports may take longer. During busy periods you may wish to book a time slot to guarantee a quick turnaround.

Q. Can the standard be applied to documents other than the annual report?

A. Yes. Investor presentations, CSR, annual review, strategic reports and other types of investor communication can all have the PDF standard applied.