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Investor friendly PDF standard

Accredited suppliers

Standard supplier

We know that there are agencies and printers who would like to be recognised for their efforts in producing Investor Friendly PDFs. Currently companies cannot tell which suppliers are better than others at producing good quality PDFs.

We invite you to become an accredited supplier of the Investor Friendly PDF Standard. By joining you endeavour to meet the basic level of functionalty set out below.

Once you join you'll be sent a full set of simple guidelines to meet each star rating. You will receive a uniquely numbered Investor Friendly supplier logo to put on your website or printer collateral.

Investor Friendly suppliers will be listed at PortAlchemy and in future Handbooks if your membership is up to date. Each membership lasts a full year.

Elite supplier

Elite suppliers will additionally be shown next to reports they have produced available at PortAlchemy. Your Investor Friendly supplier logo together with your own branding can be displayed. See example below.

Benefits at a glance

Benefits Standard Elite
Investor Friendly Pack
Investor friendly supplier logo, PDF guidelines, tips and The Handbook
Tick Tick
Listed on the Investor Friendly supplier page at PortAlchemy Tick Tick
Credited as Investor Friendly Supplier in all Handbooks
published during the year
Tick Tick
20% off PDF health check Tick Tick
Discounted advertising in Handbook throughout the year Tick Tick
InDesign productivity scripts (bi-monthly)
We will make available unique productivity scripts for InDesign
cross Tick
Newsletter (bi-monthly)
Views on recently released reports, authoring tips
cross Tick
You are accredited on each report at PortAlchemy (see below) cross Tick
20% off certification service cross Tick
PDF services (incl. certification)
Discounted white label PDF sevice for agencies and printers to meet the standard
cross Tick

The example above is for illustration purposes only


My company would like to become an Investor Friendly supplier. An invoice will be raised and emailed back to you.

Investor Friendly Supplier